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Medical Devices Are Divided Into Three Categories:
Jun 25, 2018

Medical devices are divided into three categories:

The first type of medical equipment are: basic surgical knife "scalpel and blade, skin knife, wart body stripping knife, willow knife, shovel knife, shaving knife, dandruff scraper, pick knife, front knife, pedicure knife, manicure knife, scalpel, etc." The second type of medical equipment: (a) General Examination apparatus category (6820): Thermometer, Sphygmomanometer, (b) Physiotherapy and rehabilitation Equipment (6826): Magnetic treatment apparatus; (c) Clinical laboratory analysis Instruments (6840): Household blood glucose analyzer and test paper; (d) Operating theatres, emergency rooms, laboratory equipment and Appliances (6854): Portable oxygen generators for medical small oxygen machines; (e) Medical sanitary materials and dressings (6864): Kuang absorbent cotton, medical skim gauze;

(f) Medical polymeric materials and Products (6866): condoms, contraceptive caps, etc. Category III Medical devices: A, one-time use of sterile medical devices 1, disposable sterile syringes, 2, one-time use of infusion device; 3, one-time use of blood transfusion device; 4, one-time use anesthesia puncture bag; 5, one-time use of intravenous infusion needles; 6, one-time use of sterile injection needles; 7, one-time use of plastic blood bags; 8, one-time use of blood collection device; 9, one-time use of Buret infusion device. B, orthopedic implants medical device 1, surgical implant joint prosthesis (disposable sterile medical devices, hearing aids, contact lenses and nursing fluids, in vitro diagnostic reagents, 6846 implanted materials and artificial organs, 6877 interventional equipment, etc.).

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