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Medical Device Rehabilitation Equipment Tends To Be Portable, Family-oriented And Intelligent.
Jun 25, 2018

Medical device rehabilitation equipment tends to be portable, family-oriented and intelligent.

In recent years, the State attaches great importance to the development of health industry, the introduction of a number of relevant policies to support the market for rehabilitation medical equipment into the development of the engine. such as the National Twelve-Five planning, the clear support of public hospitals, community service organizations, private capital to set up rehabilitation projects, which for the rehabilitation of medical equipment businesses, is undoubtedly an exciting policy; Also, as the October 2013 State Council on the promotion of health services in the development of a number of views Mentioned in support of the development and production of rehabilitation aids, and further promote the rehabilitation of medical equipment market in China. 

The increasing awareness of national health and the acceleration of the aging process of our population have also led to the market demand of health care products for family medical rehabilitation equipment, elderly welfare and special population. An exhibitor tells reporter, generally speaking, the rehabilitation type medical equipment roughly divides into the physiotherapy equipment and the exercises apparatus two kinds, the physiotherapy equipment belongs to the High-tech product, mainly in the hospital by the specialized medical personnel use, like the ultrasonic equipment, the laser optics instrument, the magnetic apparatus, the mechanical prosthesis and each kind of nursing bed Exercises instruments are mainly used for daily exercise and restorative training, such as massage chair, orthosis, auxiliary walking practice, etc. Rehabilitation medical treatment is mainly to improve and improve the function of all aspects of the human body, to eliminate and reduce the patient's dysfunction, to restore and improve the body function. In this process, the indispensable rehabilitation medical equipment. Many people in need of rehabilitation treatment, not necessarily in the hospital, may be a lot of home or rehabilitation units, and with the development of society and the enhancement of people's self-care awareness, the common people's families to the rehabilitation of health care equipment needs may also be like the purchase of household appliances as usual, People will also require that the rehabilitation of medical equipment, like household appliances, can be intelligent control, making the operation more simple, easy to use, light, beautiful. Therefore, the rehabilitation medical equipment market will show the development trend of "portability, family, intelligence".

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