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How To Do Good Medical Device Sales?-2
Jun 25, 2018

Compete for endurance and win long distance running The procurement procedures for medical devices vary depending on the way in which they are managed, which depends on the size and management focus of the hospital. Generally speaking, the application may be submitted by the technical department or the relevant physician and then submitted to the purchasing department.

If the price of a purchased product goes beyond the norm, the top leadership may intervene to make a final decision. Even in a small company, all important material procurement power is in the hands of the boss, but in the decision-making process, the boss is more or less affected by subordinates. If a hospital to buy a light metering machine, although the final decision is in the hands of the boss, but the purchase of which brand, which model of products? At this point, the light meter's advice may play a big role, because the machine he uses most, also has the most say.

This shows that the sales of medical devices are often faced with a complex situation, often need to face all kinds of people, they must consider the overall situation, at the same time to find a key link in the work, to break through, in order to finally make business. Some people say that in the medical device market, only "related" people can have customers, this conclusion may be open to question, but also suggests that sales work is not just "selling things" so simple. When the target customer has established a good relationship with the competitor, whether you can get involved is the starting point for the rest of the work; Conversely, once you establish a long-term relationship with your customers and continue to provide them with good follow-up services, it is like a strong barrier to the tree that can block competitors from invading.

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