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How To Do Good Medical Device Sales?
Jun 25, 2018

How to do good medical device sales?

Analyze all kinds of customer psychology At present, the market of medical equipment sales can be roughly divided into three kinds: one is the community fixed-point or fixed-point sales, commonly known as "errand-style." The second is conference marketing, which can be divided into single conference marketing type and compound conference marketing type. At present, the proportion of single conference marketing has been lower, "Community Shop + Conference Marketing" mode is more common, because of the increase in the process of screening, conference marketing input-output ratio has been improved, but the high cost of marketing weaknesses are also obvious.

The third is the "Experience Center" mode, compared to conference marketing, characterized by a long purchase cycle, high customer satisfaction. Understand the above basic situation, but also have to understand the psychology of different consumers. Taking home medical devices for example, the average consumer invests in medical devices in order to ensure health. And once they do not, they will be blamed by other family members.

If this happens, the establishment of product brands, Word-of-mouth formation are very unfavorable. For medical institutions, they are usually willing to place an order as long as they believe they can make a profit in a relatively short period of time (i.e., payback period). and management equipment is more difficult to obtain orders, this is because the hospital has the understanding: the purchase of production equipment can make money, the purchase of office equipment is only to make employees more comfortable, for the hospital will not have much benefit, so the hospital for the purchase of management equipment is often more stringent control of the approval.

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