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A Ventilator Capable Of Treating Snoring.
Jun 25, 2018

A ventilator capable of treating snoring.

The relationship between breathing machine and sleep: People spend one-third of their lives in sleep, and one-third of their sleep time determines the rest of the two-thirds quality of life, while people with sleep apnea syndrome (snoring) are in a state of hypoxia for one-third of their lives, Long-time brain hypoxia can cause irreversible damage, even brain death. General "In vivo hypoxia", even if not directly to the risk of life, will also cause damage to health. Oxygen, like food and water, is the key substance of human metabolic activity, is the first need of life movement, nutrients must be oxidized to produce and release chemical energy. Hypoxia refers to the oxygen deficiency, that is, oxygen deficiency in the air or the state of the general term. Nature provides the basic living conditions for everyone, however, if in a special environment of lack of oxygen, or although there is no lack of oxygen in the environment, but due to sleep apnea syndrome itself can not eat enough oxygen, the body will have a functional, metabolic and morphological changes. This state is called oxygen or hypoxia. Hypoxia is easy to snore, commonly known as snoring, is a very common sleep phenomenon. Many people think of snoring as a form of sleeping incense. In fact, snoring is a healthy enemy, due to severe snoring can cause sleep apnea, causing the brain, blood severe hypoxia, the formation of low blood oxygen disease, and induce hypertension, cerebral heart disease, heart arrhythmia, myocardial infarction, angina pectoris and other cardio-cerebrovascular diseases, leading to sleep apnea Hypopnea syndrome. The nocturnal apnea is more than 120 seconds and sudden death occurs in the early morning. If the sound of snoring in more than 60 decibels, affecting other people to rest or make others irritable, this is not a normal sleep phenomenon, but snore disease. Like this is already very serious, need to take measures to treat.

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