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The value and significance of blood oxygen saturation.
Jun 25, 2018

The value and significance of blood oxygen saturation. 

Generally recognized SpO2 normal should not be less than 94%, below 94% for oxygen deficiency. Some scholars have defined spo2<90% as the standard of hypoxemia, and think that when the SpO2 is higher than 70%, the accuracy can reach ±2%,SPO2 below 70%. In clinic, we have a number of SpO2 values of the patients, compared with the oxygen saturation of arterial blood, the SpO2 reading can reflect the respiratory function of patients, and to a certain extent, reflect the changes of arterial blood oxygen. After thoracic surgery, except for individual cases of clinical symptoms and the lack of value of blood gas analysis, routine application of pulse blood oxygen saturation monitoring, can provide meaningful indicators for clinical observation of the changes in the disease, to avoid repeated blood collection of patients, but also reduce the workload of nurses, it is worth popularizing. Clinical generally more than 90% on it, of course, to different departments.

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