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Five types of high value medical supplies bloody tender price of the total fall.
Jun 25, 2018

Five types of high value medical supplies bloody tender price of the total fall. Since the national promotion of "Ningbo Rules", China's medical supplies market is really depressed, sanming, Yiwu and other medical reform pilots have adopted. It seems that in recent years, the price of medical supplies is unlikely to rebound.

High-value medical supplies naturally also difficult to escape the clutches of price.

Provinces have in the price and the province has a history of procurement supplies

The first batch of published 2014 Shandong, Jilin, Jiangsu Province in the heart intervention, cardiac pacemaker, electrophysiology, blood purification, ophthalmic five types of supplies have the lowest price and in the province of the hospital procurement of 548 kinds of limit product catalogue, the provincial lowest bid price as a limit. From the date of dispatch, the medical institutions within one months, with the manufacturer or supplier to renegotiate the purchase price of the products used in the limit products (can be signed on the basis of the original purchase contract), the new purchase price must not be obvious difference with the limit (no more than 10%), not higher than the original purchase price.

Encourage medical institutions lower than the lowest in the provincial purchase price, encourage medical institutions the same indications of priority to purchase limit products. That is to say, the purchase price of the product that redefine the limit price must not be higher than the original purchase price, should not exceed 10% of the lowest price, so see, these five kinds of supplies, whether original or new production can not escape the fate of the low price.

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