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Blood oxygen saturation probe product introduction.
Jun 25, 2018

Blood oxygen saturation probe product introduction.

Blood oxygen saturation probe is an instrument for the determination of oxygen concentration in human blood, namely oxygen saturation, the sensor consists of two light-emitting tubes and a photoelectric tube, in the surgery or critically ill patients in the monitoring of timely understanding of oxygen content in the blood. With the development of modern medical technology and related disciplines, medical monitoring equipment has become an indispensable instrument for medical electronic instruments, which plays a more and more important role in the hospital. The use of the monitoring instrument not only reduces the labor of the medical staff, improves the efficiency of the nursing work, but also makes it possible for the doctor to understand the condition at any time, and it can be processed in time when the critical situation occurs, and the nursing quality is improved. In the physiological parameters of guardianship, in addition to ECG, blood pressure and so on, the oxygen concentration in human blood, namely blood oxygen saturation measurement in clinical also has very important significance.

It is necessary to avoid hypoxia and to know the oxygen content in the blood in the process of surgery or critical patient's monitoring.

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